The new i-size standard for car seats has now come into operation. For the next few years the new i-size standard and old ECE R44 standard will run side by side. This means you can choose which of these standards you want to use.

The new 'i-size' standard means that if your car is fitted with ISOFIX anchor points then you should use a rearward-facing ISOFIX child car seat until your child is 15 months old.

i-size (Integral Universal ISOFIX Child Restraint Systems) is a category of Child Restraint System for use in all i-Size seating positions of a vehicle. The new i-size standards have now come into operation and will be a change that affects the way that consumers can use these car seats. The i-size regulations when fully enforced (anticipated to be circa 2018) will make it a requirement that parents MUST use a car seat in the rearward-facing mode until the child is 15 months old. This cuts through the complexities of weights and height and makes a very simple rule for users to follow.

What are the advantages of i-size?

What will happen now that i-size is in operation?

How do I know if a seat is i-size compliant?

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Will I need to purchase a new child car seat?

My vehicle has no ISOFIX anchor points?

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