Most babies begin to sit up somewhere between 4 and 7 months old. As soon as your baby can sit, they will enjoy having their very own chair.


Highchairs are the ideal place to introduce your baby to pureed foods. Recline functions are great for little babies who find it tiring to sit up for any length of time. If you follow a baby-lead weaning program, chairs that can be pushed right up to the dinner table are a must!

Chit chat. Even before your child is eating a great deal, being at the table with you will encourage speech and social skills. Babies love lively conversation and relish the extra attention they automatically receive just by being at the same eye level as you!

Look and Learn. Popping baby in the highchair whilst you cook or whiz round with the vacuum cleaner does more than keep them safe! Watching you do everyday things from an elevated seat gives them a great view and it won’t be long before they are copying you in pretend play. Try talking about what you are doing, they might not be speaking yet, but they are definitely listening!

pompom highchair

Getting Messy. Highchairs are super places to experiment with messy play. Squidging food through fingers and making yoghurty trails is as artistic as drawing or painting!

Play play play! Try taking the tray off your highchair and pushing it up to the table, it’s great fun playing with your child at the same level. Building towers, playing with cars, drawing, the list is endless!

height adjustable

Height adjustable

table friendley

Table friendly

removable tray

Removable tray

max child weight

Max child weight