Having everything within your reach whilst bathing and changing your child helps the process run more smoothly. It also means you can pay more attention on your child, ensuring they are happy and safe and less on searching for toiletries.

Designed perfectly to allow you to attend to your child without excessive back bending.

With plenty of storage space and shelving you should never be without a place to store your lotions, creams, powders, towels, wipes and more.

Leightweight and easy to manouvre, the unit can be positioned exactly where you need it to be.

Never leave a child unattended whilst using a changing station and if the doorbell or phone rings, or if you need to leave the child's sight for any reason - then take the child with you.

Always keep in mind that water temperature should not exceed 37°C (98.6°F) and that minimum water temperature should not be less than 34°C (93.2°F).