Your child’s first steps are one of the biggest landmarks in their development. Baby walkers won’t teach your child to walk, but they are fantastic fun and give baby a taste of independent toddling. The height-adjustable padded seats give your baby gentle support whilst moving around, freeing you from stooping or crouching.

All our walkers feature fun activity consoles with lights and sound to stimulate baby’s senses. The consoles are detachable, so you can take them anywhere, and baby can play with other favourite toys on the walker tray too!

Our deluxe models also feature
rocking and/or static functions for
extra entertainment and variety of movement.

You should never leave a child unattended in a walker or use it on an elevated surface (such as a table) and development experts advise that you limit the amount of time your baby spends in a walker to 20 minutes per session.

Most babies take their first steps somewhere between 10 and 14 months although it can be much later.

Remember! Once your toddler is upright, he or she will suddenly be able to reach much higher.

Check around your home to make sure there is nothing dangerous within baby’s reach and that there are no larger objects that can topple or fall if pulled or pushed.

Letting your child crawl and ‘cruise’ around the furniture is the best way to encourage the muscle tone and balance needed to start walking. Wait to buy shoes until your baby is walking outside. Going barefoot helps improve grip, balance and coordination, especially on wooden or laminate flooring.

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